How to make an old dining table look modern

Hello and welcome to our guide on how to make an old dining table look modern!

Now, if you’re looking to give your home a fresh, modern look, start with your dining table.

It’s the room’s centrepiece and sets the tone for the entire space.

But if you don’t want to buy a new table, don’t worry – there are ways to make your old dining table look modern.

With some elbow grease and creativity, you can have a stylish, updated dining room in no time.

Hopefully, following a few simple changes from this guide will make your old dining table look straight out of a design magazine!

Let’s get started!

Preparation: sanding, staining, etc.

To begin with, you’ll need to take a few important preparation steps.

These include sanding the surface to create an even finish, cleaning it to ensure no remnants are left over, and staining the wood to protect it from moisture.

With a bit of preparation, your dining table will be the centrepiece of your home for years to come.

Sanding the table

  1. To start, sand down the surface of the table. Make sure it’s smooth and flat all the way across.
  2. Add some putty to any indentations or holes on the table if needed.
  3. If you use the same legs, do the same to them too.

Cleaning the table

Cleaning the table is paramount after sanding it. Sometimes you cannot notice the sanded ruminants with the naked eye, so you must clean them thoroughly.

  1. Once any putty you have used is dry, you can now hoover the table’s surface. Use a soft brush-head to clean up all the more significant bits.
  2. Next, wipe the entire surface with a damp cloth and mild soap. This will ensure all the finer bits are also cleaned off.

This is very important; otherwise, when you paint, you will notice bits on your brush, which will lead to a messy job.

Let the table dry, and then move on to the next step.

Applying paint, varnish or stain

Once the table’s surface is ready and prepared, it’s now time for the most crucial part of the job. 

The actual aesthetics is what will give your table a modern look.

This is achieved by using the correct final colour.

So pay attention to these next steps carefully.

  1. Apply a fresh coat of paint, varnish or stain. Try using a bright, bold colour for a contemporary look. Choose a colour that will modernise the look of your table from grey, white, to even blue. You can also take inspiration from your current decor if you have already updated your dining room.

Keeping the colour light also helps with modernising your look.

2. You could also try stencilling patterns on the tabletop.

Addin extras for a modern dining table

If you’re looking for a way to add a modern touch to your dining room, consider adding new hardware to your dining table. It’s a simple way to change the table’s look without spending much money.

  1. Metal accents can really help to update an old dining table.
  2. Adding new trendy placemats can add personality while at the same time protecting your new shiny surface.
  3. Adding a new tablecloth can also help in achieving a more modern look.
  4. If you feel daring, you can add a glass piece on top of your wooden table for a modern look!

Legs: show them off!

Replacing the legs of the table with something more contemporary can also be a great way to modernise an old piece of furniture.

You can add chrome or metal legs. Or paint the existing ones with a fresher colour.

Finally, for a chic look, you could mix and match the legs with different colours for a trendy look.

Adding new chairs, benches or stools

Adding new chairs to a dining table can have many benefits, not just for the aesthetics but also the functionality.

  1. It can add more seating to the table, which can be helpful when entertaining guests.
  2. It can also add to the room’s overall aesthetic and make it feel more put together.
  3. You can find chairs in a variety of styles and materials to match your existing new modern d├ęcor.
  4. You can add different styles of chairs too.
  5. Adding modern benches to a dining table can also help to add style and character to the room.
  6. Or you could try stools. New stools can help give your dining space a fresh look when needed and can be stored away when not in use.
  7. You can always mix and match between chairs, benches and stools!

Finally, accessorise the table with modern decor items. This could include adding candles, vases, or even sculptures.

Adding new lights

There are many benefits of adding new lights to a dining table.

One benefit of adding new lights to a dining table can make it look modern in several ways.

Choosing fixtures with clean, simple lines and a metallic finish will give a contemporary feel.

Another way is to use a mix of different types of lighting, such as pendants, sconces and table lamps. By layering the light, you can create a more sophisticated look.

Finally, consider using LED bulbs as a more energy-efficient option.

Conclusion: modernise your old dining table

Following the above guidelines, you should find it easy and relatively straightforward to modernise your dining table.

It’s always crucial to have a functional and stylish table, so take the time to design your table well.

Lastly, don’t forget about the accessories! Candles, placemats, and other small details can make all the difference in giving your dining room personality.

With these tips in mind, you’re on your way to modernising your dining table!

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