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Do you find yourself captivated by diverse cultures and civilizations? Have you ever pondered the ways they existed? The construction of their homes, the materials employed, and their culinary practices – all have you ever wondered about them?

Well, if you are, then we are on the same page. (Seriously, no pun intended!)

When I was younger, I was always curious about the lives and cultures of diverse individuals. I pondered about their lifestyles, their culinary choices, and more. However, as time passed and I became a business coordinator at a furniture store, my desire for global understanding remained unquenched. Despite my experience with various furniture styles from countries like China and Malaysia, these pieces were primarily tailored to suit the Western market. Thus, glass dining tables, leather sofas, and Oak framed beds became the standard offerings. My curiosity remains undiminished.

However, things were about to change.

One day, we came across a new furniture line at the store. This unique selection was from India and manufactured from reclaimed wood.

Wood that, in some cases, was over 150 years old!

The concept of utilizing wood that had been around for so long as furniture left me dumbfounded

 Its numerous lines, grains, unpredictable coloration, and unmatched uniqueness captivated me. This collection boasts an impressive array of sturdy hardwood furniture.

I found myself utterly amazed by it.

Crafted from such old material, it had already lasted the test of time, and now it seemed like it could last forever.

It wasn’t flat-packed furniture that would need replacing in a few short years; these items would last generations.

I looked through the whole collection and was just so impressed and awestruck.

(I understand if you think I’m overreacting, considering it was just a sideboard, but allow me to elaborate.!)

As I perused the entire collection, I couldn’t help but be amazed and filled with wonder.

Questions about its origin, previous use, and the type of wood used flooded my mind.

Being involved in the furniture industry, I have encountered various types of furniture. While many were manufactured in countries like China, their primary focus was the Western market.

Tone: Intrigued

I had grown accustomed to specific furniture, but this new collection was completely different. It felt like a glimpse into a separate civilization with its story and history.

It was like stepping into a different world.

Intrigued by this, I began delving into studying traditional furniture from around the globe. I wanted to learn about the unique types of dining tables used in different countries and the various styles of beds, chairs, and sofas.

How did families gather around for meals or social gatherings? What nf of beds did they have? Etc

This curiosity led me to create this blog, documenting all my findings on worldwide traditional furniture.

Enjoy reading; if you share my fascination, I’m sure you’ll also find it informative.

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At Ftsar, Adam is both the founder and resident furniture expert. His passion for furniture, especially those from diverse cultures, has been a lifelong interest.

Climbing the ranks of various furniture stores, he delved into the intricacies of furniture making. After years of working for others in the industry, Adam took a courageous leap and established his own business.

His showroom featured one-of-a-kind designs from across the globe. Eventually, he launched his own e-commerce site to procure furniture spanning various styles and designs.

Adam’s experience and expertise enabled him to rapidly establish a devoted customer base that valued his high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

As a trusted furniture expert, he attracted customers from distant locations seeking advice on home d├ęcor and furnishing their

Presently he has decided to leave the e-commerce industry and instead pursue his interest in furniture from different cultures.

He plans to dedicate his time to exploring and studying tables from various parts of the world and sharing his discoveries here on furnituretsar.


Product review and breakdown expert Sadie is an experienced furniture retailer passionate about dining and living furniture.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Sadi has become an expert in helping customers find the perfect pieces to transform their homes.

Sadies career began working for a local furniture store, where she quickly discovered her talent for helping customers create beautiful and functional spaces.

She developed a deep understanding of
interior design principles. She learned how to match furniture and decor to complement any style.

Over time, Sadi honed her focus on dining and living room furniture as she recognized that these were the most-used spaces in the home and required functionality, comfort, and style.

She became adept at recommending materials, colors, and designs that suit each customer’s taste, budget, and lifestyle.

Sadi is passionate about creating beautiful spaces that bring people joy.

Her expertise lies not just in finding stylish pieces but also selecting high-quality furnishings that are built to last.

Hence thanks to her attention-to-detail approach backed with extensive knowledge and experience, Sadi ensures every review and product breakdown covers all aspects readers and customers seek.


Zay is a young lady with a passion for home decor and inspiration. From a young age, she has always been fascinated by how space can be transformed through creative design and decoration.

This interest led her to study interior design and hone her skills in color theory, spatial planning, and materials sourcing.

Zay shares her favorite designs, tips, and tricks with readers here at Ftsar.

Her strong eye for aesthetics and passion for creating beautiful spaces and is known not just only for her impeccable sense of style but also for her warm personality and commitment to helping people create homes that they love.