African Home Decors

The many styles coming out from adopting the African décor styles are simply captivating.

Although, one will not expect less considering that this diverse continent speaks everything of originality.

The decors are exotic, fascinating, and puzzling at the same time.

Most of the decors reveal/hold lots of secrets about the many unknown past civilizations and life of the African people.

Another significant aspect is the range of decors that are coming out of the African designs. Whether you prefer modern, eclectic, or medieval designs, there is a décor for you.

These styles are even more beautiful due to the native art, styles, and materials used in the decors. Rare sculptures, drawings, paintings, textiles, and cushion styles will give your home a cosy and evocative feel.

Elements that can transform your home to African decors

While the home’s architecture might say little of your style, your interior designs and intentional styles say the most. African decors are marked by some elements (indigenous/refurbished) that ‘speak’ African.

So when trying to replicate the exotic designs from Africa, make sure you fuse one or more of these elements.

Hand-woven baskets

Although some people can decide to purchase this piece of art (native), who says you can’t weave yours?

The beautiful thing about African decors is that it is about seeking original beauty from nature. As a past time hobby, you can weave some fancy baskets.

There are lots of short courses and institutes that teach it. You can display them on the living room walls, the bedroom, study, corridors, and more.

African artworks

Adorning the; walls, top of the shelves, or empty spaces with sculptures or artworks can make your home look luxurious.

It also stimulates your brain and raises questions within the sub-conscious. Examples of artworks that could adorn your walls are sculptures, carvings, paintings, ceramics, and other things.

African sculptures are one of the most developed and intriguing. Don’t forget to try them.

The African furniture style

This furniture is gradually getting more popularity and demand due to their rare brilliance. A piece of African furniture is not just a “rest” instrument but carries a lot of beauty and carvings.

Most of the chairs/stools are also unitary, so you won’t need to overhaul your furniture (which can be costly).

When fusing African furniture, remember to keep other themes minimalistic.

African furniture is always expressive and bold.

Animal Skin Prints

These are one easily distinct part of the Africa décor; it is hard to miss. In earlier times, these materials represented royalty, affluence, and influence, and they still do.

A leopard skin rug on the floor or a cushion covered in smooth zebra stripes speaks everything African.

Just make sure it is synthetic and artificial skin designs.

Warm colours and tones

Using warm, simple colours speaks of the early, intriguing civilization that defers “mother earth.”

The colours should be simple, reflect a lot of sunlight, and blend well. The colour can even have a native African piece for its base.

Some African styles for you

If you are sceptical about altering the looks of your home interior for foreign styles, here are some trends you could check out.

Making it natural and rich

One thing about designing your home in the African style is that it can still be luxurious.

However, for this style, you have to mix it up with more earthy and vibrant colours.

Your ochre accent walls can carry the numerous designs of the terracotta (an African art).

Put some plants in a vase in the room, tweak some primary colours like blue and green with secondary colours (or use Black and white too).

And make sure your furniture says something of the savannah.

Go the full Afro

In recent designs, it is all about creating sustainable designs. If you are seeking more ways to connect your styles the African way, then go baskets.

The handmade materials from Africa do more to bring your space closer to nature. The rattan, jute, hand-woven baskets, clay hung on the walls, or chairs will bring out the look of a real safari surfer.

Open way designs

One thing about African décor is that; a simple design can have over 20 different interpretations.

Their art, furniture, and rugs are always intriguing and relaxing. There are various ways you could mix these materials to fit your style.

A zebra skin rug with a seascape painting and simple minimalist furniture can be a way to explore the ambiguity of African decors.

Using the butterflies

One piece of furniture Europeans can seem to get enough of is the butterfly chairs. For some of you who do not know, these chairs originate from Africa.

It was a glorious trend in the 19th century, and it makes another appearance. One truth is that this piece of furniture doesn’t seem to be going out of vogue anytime soon.

One on your porch, living room or bedroom can do the trick.

Bring on the artworks.

A black and white painting of things just “beyond the Atlantic” speaks African as well as many other things.

A portrait of the glorious African elephants with ivory-white tusks and flagrant trunks will fit your African décor styles.

It is a reminder of what the African forests have for you. Seascapes, The Sahara deserts, and many other portraits will do well adorning your walls.

Be Innovative

African decors also allow for a lot of creativity and diversity.
When shaking up decors in your house, you can be creative as well as original.

You can fuse sculptures with widely varying paintings or captivating portraits. Do not forget to add the baskets, jute box, wickers with traditional furniture.

Side stools that are carved in the shape of old African pots. Add the plant vase to the mix, make your base colours a deep one.

Wrapping Up

Lots of home decors even copy African décor styles without realizing it.

The truth is that African styles reflect nature in all its glamour and originality using simple elements.

African decors can encompass a lot, even when using simple materials. It doesn’t need to be expensive.