African Furniture – Ethnic, Authentic and Beautiful

The land of Africa is a place with fantastic cultures and tradition.

This means that the way homes are designed in Africa is influenced by the place’s artistic and creative history.

African-style furniture is becoming more and more popular, and this is because their unusual and bright designs are the perfect fit for any modern home.

Whatever your style may be – traditional or modern, bold or simple, colourful or black and white – African style furniture is perfect for any look you may be going for.

These days, designing the home of your dreams is all about using your living spaces to express yourself, your personality and who you are as a person.

African furniture combines materials, colours and patterns in so many exciting and unique ways.

Influenced by African arts, this style of furniture is a great and easy way to bring some character and excitement into your home.

Elegant Dining Tables

The cooking and eating of food is so much more than eating breakfast, lunch or dinner.

It is a chance for families and friends to sit with one another and talk, listen or just enjoy being around their loved ones.

African style dining tables are often made of attractive and robust woods such as oak and ash, and they will definitely become the centre of attention in your kitchen or dining room.

When it comes to deciding on the perfect dining table for your needs and tastes, you have the option to choose large or small ones, different shapes such as circles or squares, types of wood, and also if you would like the wood to be smooth or decorated with patterns.

Carved Wooden Side Tables

Side tables are one of those items of furniture which have been made in almost every culture and country of the world, including Africa.

With their small and simple design, side tables are relatively light in weight, which means that they can easily be carried around and used for several purposes.

For example, they’re great for using as a laptop holder, a mini dining table for just a couple of people, or just keeping things such as keys, remotes and purses safe.

They’re a must-have for every home.

What makes African style side tables different from anything else is the way they have been created. Made of wood and carved with designs and patterns, these side tables are the perfect statement piece.

In this style, the humble side table becomes something which is much more beautiful and refined. These tables are a work of art and would be an excellent way to bring some glamour into your home.

The wood’s natural effect is also beautiful and would look good with any colour, style of furniture and room.

Painted Coffee Tables

Coffee is a drink which has a long history in the countries of Africa. The making and drinking of coffee is an important social activity as well, giving men, women, families and friends the chance to gather together and relax for a few moments.

Coffee tables are a huge part of this tradition, and there is a range of beautifully made coffee tables which have been made in the African style.

These coffee tables can be found painted or unpainted. Unpainted coffee tables are a thing of beauty in their own right, allowing the wood’s natural appeal to take centre stage.

Painted coffee tables are eye-catching and stunning furniture items that will become a statement piece in your home.

These tables are usually decorated in bright and attractive colours with contrasting patterns, and the most popular colours are blues, greens, yellows and reds.

Wicker Chairs

The making of wicker chairs is a craft that has been perfected in Africa for many years.

This old and ancient tradition is at once timeless and modern, and a wicker chair will always look perfectly within any home.

The wicker is woven together to create a stunning effect that would enhance any living room, dining area, bedroom or even garden.

An essential part of African home design is the use of deep earthy colours such as brown, yellows and reds.

The soft straw colour of wicker chairs means they will go wonderfully with any design, style and colour of the room.

And to make your wicker chair look even better, you have the option to purchase some woven cushions, or earth coloured blanket so that you can finish the look off.

Ornamental Lamps

Carvings, paintings and crafts in African cultures are a type of decoration, but they have meaning as well.

Lamps which have been carved and painted in the tribal tradition of African cultures are very popular, and it is easy to see why.

These lamps can be found in a range of fabulous colours painted as sunsets, birds, animals and landscapes, or even circles and lines.

The beauty of nature has always inspired Africa’s art, and this influence is easy to see when looking at an African style lamp.

A lamp will bring beauty and elegance to any space in your home, and will not only be a source of light but a piece of art as well.

Lamps can be placed into any room in your home and will complement the rest of your furniture perfectly.

The Perfect Addition to Your Home

These are some items of African style furniture which are common because of their beauty and usefulness.

We’ve written this guide describing some of the most popular items of African style furniture so that you can choose the right ones to create the home of your dreams.